Commissioning Resources; A Green High Tech Webcast Follow-up

This will be a quick post where I’ll link you with some
resources that came up during a recent CSE web cast I participated
in regarding Green High Tech facilities.  My focus was on
commissoining and several folks were  interested in resources
regarding the costs and benefits of commissoining and how LEED and
green practices impact these costs.  Probably one of the most
comprehensive cost benefit resources out there is a meta
study that was put together by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
under the leadership of Evan Mills
.  The report is loaded
with useful information and references numerous resources on the

Ron Wilkinson wrote a good article on establishing commissioning
fees that appeared in the
2000 ASHRAE Journal, vol. 42, no. 2, p. 41-47
.  This
article  looks at fees a number of ways but does not get into
the impact of LEED or other green construction and operating
practices. In 2002, PECI took the
rules of thumb that Ron developed and expanded upon them

including a discussion of things that can break them, like LEED and
complex buildings.

A good general commissoining resource is the California Commissionign Colaborative’s
, which is full of commissoining resources, including an
on-line library that contains quite a few case studies.  Case
studies are valuable tools for convincing Owners about the benefits
of commissioning because they provide a window into how the process
worked for others.  Learning to talk the Owner’s talk and take
the Owner’s perspective is an important skill to develop when you
are trying to sell commissioning.  RealWinWin provides a number 
of resources on their web site to help you understand how
to present the benefits of commissioning and other processes
that conserve energy and save  resources in economic terms
that make sense to Owners.

Non-energy Benefits (NEBs) are an often over-looked area where
the economic benefits of commissioning can be compounded for
Owners. For instance, in addition to improving efficiency, a
grocerystore owner may find that they loose less product as a
result of the improved performance that results from a typical
commissioning process.  Adding the cost savings associated
with non energy benefits to the over-all savings equation can
improve the return on investment, making the process more appealing
to many Owners, who are often driven by financial bottom
lines.  Lisa Skumatz has done a lot of research to put numbers
on NEBs in different market sectors and published at least two
papers at ACEEE, the most
recent of which can be found on the California Commissoining
Colaborative’s web site

Finally, if you are really interested in learning more about
what resources are out there, Pacifc Gas and Electric’s Pacific Energy
is offering a class called
Resources for the Resourceful
on Tuesday, December 4th. 
The first part of the class will be a web broadcast that anyone
anywhere can attend free of charge.  If you attend the class
live at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, then you can
stick around for the afternoon session, were several of the
resources will be explored and demonstrated via hand-on

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One Response to Commissioning Resources; A Green High Tech Webcast Follow-up

  1. Not sure if I’m in the right area here or not??? I’ve retired from
    20 years as an academic (San Diego State University) and am now
    trying to decide what to do next. Prior to academia I worked about
    20 years in industry ( ) for publications,
    patents, and experience especially in alternate energy systems
    design.. Maybe a little consulting might be interesting:

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