Resources for the Resourceful; Integrated Operation and Control; the Novel

If you found the “domino
described in my previous post intriguing, then you
might find some of the content in the Functional Testing and Design
(pictured below) to be both useful and of


Specifically, an entire chapter of the guide focuses on
integrated operation and control
, including how the
“domino effect”
links the output of one control loop to the
input of the downstream loops. After exploring the
general concept of system integration and testing, the chapter
proceeds to explore how testing
, and the
operating environment
come into play in the process.  It
also takes a quick look at some planning
that are commonly used to manage the process.

The remainder of the chapter is a kind of technical (nerdy?)
novel about the commissioing process that occures in a hypothetical
building in the midwest.  The building never existed, but all
of the problems that the commissionoing team encounters are real
probelms that occured on real projects, including:

Problems with the start-up of a preheat coil

Problems with the economizer start-up

Issues related to the VFD start-ups

Issues related to the trim humidifier start-up

The discussion moves from the component level testing
decribed in the sections referenced by the preceeding bullets to
system level
whole building level
testing.  The chapter
also includes a fairly detailed
technical appendix
that contains things like general
information about the building, control sequences for the systems,
building load data, design criteria for the system that is
the focus of the discussion, system diagrams, psych charts,
and other  technical information designed to allow the reader
to fully appreciate and understand some of the issues discussed
beyond what is conveyed in the words in the chapter. 

The bottom line is that if your curiousity about
commissioning has been “tweaked” by some of the things I have
written about or things you have heard from other sources, then the
Integrated Operation and Control chapter of the
Functional Testing and Design Guide may be a way for
you to experience the process even if you do not currently have
access to a commissioning project that you can participate in and
with out a huge investment of time.

The Integrated Operation and Control chapter is but one
of many features of the Functional Testing and Design
.  In future Resources for the Resourceful
posts, I’ll describe some of the other features availble in this
free, online resource developed by the California PIER
(Public Interest Efficeincy Research) project, STAC
(Strategic Technologies Advancement Collaborative) and the
Department of Energy in parternship with the Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory.

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