A Pump Training Opportunity in Southern California

Some of you may have found the pump theory discussed in the
previous post and the design brief that was linked to it to be of
interest.  If you did and you live in Southern California,
then you may be interested in a free training opportunity that is
being offered at Southern California Edison’s
Customer Technology Application Center

The class is scheduled for
November 6, 2008
and is built around a new design brief that
was developed as the a companions brief to the
Pump Application and Optimization
brief I highlighted in
my previous post.  This brief builds on the information in the
previous brief and focuses on troubleshooting pumping systems,
particularly systems with parallel pumps.  The new brief will
soon be available electronically from the CTAC web site as well as
the Energy Design
web site and will be included with the electronic
handouts provided in the class.

While the final content is still being developed, the tentative
agenda for the all day class is as follows:

Pump Theory

This section of the class will focus on pump operating
principles, including a discussion of factors that impact pump
efficiency, a discussion of pump construction and features, and
a discussion of pump curves, pump tests, and pump application

Hydronic System Theory

This section will look at how pumps interact with the systems
they serve including a discussion of the system curve, open and
closed systems, distribution system components and associated
losses, fitting details and their impact on efficiency, the
two-thirds rule – what it is and why it works, parallel pump
curves, and common problems and commissioning opportunities found
in pumping systems.

Lab Session

The class includes a rotating lab session with three

At Lab Station 1, the
attendees will perform pump tests and other experiments on the
CTAC variable flow system demonstrator pictured below.

At Lab Station 2, the
attendees will work with a number of free pump software/tools that
they can obtain from various sources including pump selection
software from one manufacturer and modeling software from
the Pump Systems

At Lab Station 3, the
attendees will be exposed to other interactive resources
related to centrifugal machinery that are available at the

Innovation Center
, including a cut-away centrifugal chiller

… a simulator that lets the user contrast the power
consumption of a fan with inlet vanes with that of a fan equipped
with a variable speed drive …

… and a display that contrasts the various fan wheel
options available in common HVAC fans …

So if that sounds interesting, follow this
link to register for the class
;  it’s free, includes
hands-on work with pumps to reinforce the theory from
lecture and better yet, it includes a free lunch!

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2 Responses to A Pump Training Opportunity in Southern California

  1. I live in Laguna Niguel and just found out that you had this
    course. I would like to be informed if you intend to repeat this
    and, if so, when. Walter D. Krostek, PE chemicalengineer@cox.net

  2. Hi Walter, I’m going to respond to this as a blog post so I can
    include some links to resources that you may be interested in.
    Thanks for writing, David

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