Its Been a Busy Month

Some of you may have been wondering if I dropped of the face of
the earth, but I haven’t;  its just been a really busy month
and I got a little sick on top of that.  I have several posts
started but none of them complete;  a picture missing here or
a graph or figure missing there and have spent the month thinking
“I’ll just finish that tomorrow;  I really need some sleep
right now” and then tomorrow starts off with a bang and I find
myself in the same spot at 11 at night with a 5 am flight the next

I mention all this not to complain (though it may sound like I
am).  Truth be told, I love what I do and in some ways, I’m my
own worst enemy in terms of having to keep a lot of balls in the
air;  I’m the one who picked them up and tossed them up there
in the first place.  More on that some other time; 
getting back to why I bring this up.  I bring this up not so
much as an excuse; rather so you know there is a reason that I
haven’t posted in a while and its not for lack of desire, just lack
of energy and time.  

Dan Blank, who is the Director of Content for the site and who
is patiently mentoring me through learning how to do this sort of
thing pointed out to me the other day that while I think of what I
do here as providing technical information for folks in a technical
industry, a big part of what is happening is that we all are
developing a little community of sorts.  In other words, there
is a social aspect to this.  The statistics for the blog last
month said that even though I only posted one time, folks still
came by to take a look at what was here or pick up some
information.  That in and of itself is gratifying because it
says to me that perhaps the information that has been shared with
me and which I am now trying to share with you has been of some

Dan’s suggestion regarding all of this was that not every post
had to be full of technical information, figures and charts; 
that there is a connection that is evolving that is more than just
the technical posts;  its a connection with each other. 
Thus it would be good just to say the blog equivalent of “”Don’t
have much time to talk today, but just thought I’d say Hello”.

As I thought about what Dan was suggesting, I realized that Jay
Santos, another mentor and one of the principles in our company
understands and models this.  Jay is incredibly busy keeping
the company pointed in the right general direction in addition to
handling technical projects and issues as only Jay can.  Yet
its not unusual at all for my cell phone to ring some
afternoon  and when I answer, Jay’s on the other end, just
checking in because he hadn’t talked to me for a while.  
So, we chat a few minutes, share the most recent technical “Ha Ha”
we saw, talk about our kids or our brides or or pets or a common
friend one or the other of us just had the pleasure of seeing,
maybe never  even touch on a business issue, then say goodbye
and head off to what ever else it was that we were doing at the

Those calls always leave me smiling and feeling refreshed and I
guess, special and cared about.  That’s because someone that
matters to me took time that I know they don’t really have to keep
in touch with me as a person, which is bigger than keeping in touch
with me as an engineer or a business associated or a revenue center
or any of the other things that I am in the context of the
company. And, I’d like to think and suspect that
it generates similar feelings for
Jay.   Truth be told, when the dust all settles, at
our core, all of us need, and really want just that, to be
recognized simply as who we are and as important just because of
that.  At least that’s what I think.

So, I gotta run and teach a class.  But I just thought I would
take a minute to say “Hi” before I did that and say thanks for
visiting the blog all month even thought I have not posted
much.  I’m pretty sure I’m on track to change that in the next
week or so, with several posts on new resources and insights I’ve
had.  Meanwhile, hope you all have a good day, and if you have
a minute and the sky is clear in your area tonight,  take
a look at the western horizon around dusk. 
Venus, Jupiter, and the moon have been doing a little dance all
that is pretty beautiful to watch.

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