An Index to Previous Posts

I occasionally refer people to my blog for further information or reference previous posts to support a new topic. To make that easier, I started to put together a little file that was an index to which post discussed what topic.

After starting that, I realized that such a file might be of use to folks reading this blog, so I decided I would make it available including hyperlinks to each of the posts.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is:

  1. I’m still indexing all of the posts.
  2. When CSE closed down for a while and I moved my blog to this new location, one of the things that happened was I lost all of the graphics in the posts that I had put together on the CSE site.  I found that out right after I made the move and have been working to rebuild things.   Its a slow process because I am graphic intensive and there are nearly 150 posts.  But the other thing that I just discovered yesterday is that all of the links to previous posts are broken, including all of the links in my index posts.  So, I have to rebuild them too.

Eventually, you will be able to use the links below and the links in the posts they send connect you with to navigate to the topic of interest.  But for that to work, I have to get everything rebuilt.  Until then, you will at least be able to use the text and brief descriptions to get you into the right general area on the monthly index that shows up on the lower right side of the screen when you link to the blog home page. When you pick one of the months, all of the titles of the posts for that month will show up with a link that will carry you to the full post.

In what follows, each quarterly link will take you to a list of the posts for that quarter, including a brief description of each one and a link to it.  Eventually, the links in those posts will take you directly to the associated topic.  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.

Second Quarter
Topics covered include:

The Opening Post to the Blog

Damper Testing

Damper Performance and its Impact on Economizer Performance and Minimum Outdoor Air Flow Regulation

Damper Assessment Techniques

Test Results from a Damper Field Test and Related Discussions

Fourth Quarter:
Topics covered include:

Controls Integration and Coordination Meetings

Point Naming Conventions

Monitoring and Data Logging Plans

Data Logging a Heating Hot Water System

Parallel Pumps as Indicators of Existing Building (a.k.a. Retrocommissioning) Opportunities

Pump Heat

Resources for Assessing and Understanding Pumps

Motor Operating Costs

A Bit of Philosophy;  a Climate Resource

Real World Challenges Created by Extreme Climate Conditions

First Quarter:
Topics covered include:

Understanding Warm and Cold Fronts

Testing a Clean Room for Leakage

Other Factors that can Influence Simple Payback Besides Efficiency

Equipment Replacement Projects as an Opportunity to Improve Efficiency

A Field Issue with the Condenser Water System Serving a Central Plant

3rd Quarter:
Topics covered include:

Lessons Learned While Installing a Structured Wiring System at Home

Life Lessons Triggered by my Mom’s Illness

A Review of an Article on Commissioning that Appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle

Initial Results and Related Information from a Field Trial Contrasting Different Filtration Technologies

4th Quarter:
Topics covered include:

Fan and Duct Interactions

Current Loops, Scaling Resistors, and Tubular Screw Clamp Terminals

Psych Charts and Economizers

Of Mice and Energy Conservation

Assessing Steam Consumption with an Alarm Clock

Validation of the Alarm Clock Technique for Measuring Steam Consumption

First Quarter:
Topics covered include:

Step by step description of how to log condensate or boiler feedwater pump operation and turn it into steam consumption and a steam system load profile

Twin City Blower and Fan Company fan selection software

Revitalizing my project to create a content based index for my blog posts

A Review of an Article about the Energy and Carbon Footprint of Different Chilled Water Generation Technologies

Some Thoughts on Global Warming, Energy Efficiency, and Our Role as Engineers and Humans Relative to Those Topics

Links to the remaining quarters are under development and will be posted as they are completed.

David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

Click here for an index to previous posts

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