My Home-made Indexing System

I teach classes a lot and frequently find myself referring students to content on my blog.   The problem is that unless I can remember exactly when I wrote something (I usually can’t), we end up on a sort of fishing expedition since  the blog portal on the Consulting-Specifying Engineer only archives by year and month.


If you click on a month, you get an index for the month …


… which lets you link to the post of interest, but like I said, unless you know which month you are looking for, you have to hunt around a bit to find what you need.

All of that is to say that I’m just getting back to a little project I started last year to create an indexing system that would make it easier to find past posts based on the content of the post rather than a date.  The system is built from a set of blog posts that consist of a master, which you can link to from the “Click here for an index to previous posts” link below the signature line I started including in posts about a year ago.


That link will take you to a post that will serve as the master index that looks something like this …


… that contains links to quarterly indexes with brief descriptions of the topics covered.  Clicking on one of those links takes you to the quarterly index, which looks like this …


… and contains a more detailed description of each post in the quarter along with a link to it.

Still a bit clunky, but to me at least, it seems easier to find something since you can probably get there in two clicks;  one to get to the master index and then one to get to the appropriate quarterly index based on the abbreviated descriptions in the master.

The real trick of course, is for me to keep it current.  Towards that end, I’m going to revitalize my effort by starting the index for the first quarter of 2010 and working backwards over the next couple of weeks.  Time will tell how good the bond is between my intent and reality.

David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

Click here for an index to previous posts

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