2009 4th Quarter Index

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Fan and Duct Interactions
October 19, 2009

This post looks at how fittings on the inlet and outlet of a fan impact fan performance and provides links to resources to help you learn more about fan/duct interactions and duct fitting pressure losses.

Current Loops, Scaling Resistors, and Tubular Screw Clamp Terminals
October 27, 2009

This post looks at how data from a 4-20 milliamp current loop can be shared among various devices and control systems.   It also looks at a field issue that came up on a past project with the way a scaling resistor was installed and a piece of hardware that is available from a number of manufacturers that solves the problem.

Psych Charts and Economizers
November 1, 2009

This post looks at a resource for a free electronic psych chart, what enhancements you get if you upgrade the free version to the full featured version and how you might use the chart out in the field.

Of Mice and Energy Conservation
November 3, 2009

This post tells a “war story” from an experience a friend of mine had with research mice.

Assessing Steam Consumption with an Alarm Clock
December 23, 2009 

This post is the first in a series that illustrate a technique I was taught years ago by Chuck McClure, one of my engineering mentors.  It involves using a count of condensate or feed water pump cycles to assess the steam consumption in a system and develop a load profile.

Validation of the Alarm Clock Technique for Measuring Steam Consumption
December 24, 2009

This post compares data from a recent project where I applied the “alarm clock” technique discussed in the previous post to data reflecting steam consumption that I was able to obtain via another path, demonstrating the validity of the technique.

David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

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