2009 Third Quarter Index

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Learning By Doing
July 1, 2009

Some of the most important things I have learned as an engineer came out of experiences trying to implement something I had designed.  In this post, I talk about what I learned when I installed a little structured wiring system in my house.

Hello Again; Catching up and Links to a Few Interesting Insights and Web Sites I Encountered in my Absence
August 2, 2009

My Mom fell ill and passed and as a result, I didn’t end up posting much in July and August.  In this post, I talk about that a bit and some of the bigger picture things the experience taught me.  I also hook you up with a web site that lets you find where the international space station is in real time, including potting is course on a sky chart and a map so you can go look for it.

Commissioning and Main Stream Journalism
September 7, 2009

In this post, I discuss an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that takes a look at commissioning and its benefits and link you up to the resources behind the article.

Demonstrating HVAC Filtration Savings with Data Loggers
September 13, 2009

In this post, I begin to talk about a field trial I have been working on with Jeff Shapiro of Kaiser Permanente where we are running to virtually identical air handling systems in the same building with two different filtration technologies so we can compare them in terms of energy and other resource savings by taking a life cycle cost based perspective on filtration.

Air Handling System Prefilters
September 20, 2009 

In this post, I respond to some comments on the previous post and take a closer look at prefilters and their intended function.

Bag Filters and VAV Systems
September 27, 2009

In this post, I take a look at some of the issues one might encounter when running conventional bag filters in VAV air handling systems, complemented by trend data from a system were we are doing just that and monitoring performance.

Same MERV, Same Size, More Dust Holding Capacity
September 28, 2009

In this post, I look at the specs for the two different filters were are contrasting in the field trial I discuss in a post earlier in the month.

Field Particle Count Measurements
September 30, 2009 

In this post, I discuss my experience measuring particle counts in field situations, which is not easy.

David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

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