Settling In To My New Blog Space

Just a quick note to let you know I’m about to put up my first technical post in my new blog home and in doing that, I discovered a little glitch that occurred when I imported my old posts into the new location.

Specifically, while all the test and links seem to have come in, none of the graphics did.  Since my posts are somewhat graphic intensive, that could be a bit of a problem if you are reading one and trying to figure out what I’m talking about.

The good new is that I have all of the stuff I used to create the old posts, including the images, and can go back and re-insert them.  The bad news is that it will take some time to do that.  I suspect that I will try to be methodical about it, but will also fix the posts I use the most as references in classes first.

I will probably also fix older posts that I reference in newer posts as the need arises.  In fact, that’s how I discovered the problem.  In the post I’m developing, I linked to a post from last September that discusses the filter field trails I am conducting with Jeff Shapiro at Kaiser Permanente.  When I tested the link, I discovered the post but no pictures.  So, I’m fixing that one today.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for one of the older posts and want a copy with the pictures, let me know and I will either make it next on the list for repair or, if you give me your e-mail address, send you a .pdf file of a version with the pictures;  I made .pdf’s of all of the old posts and have them on my hard drive.

David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

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