Upcoming Retrocommissioning Classes at the Pacific Energy Center

I realized as I was finishing up the post that will go up next that people who follow this blog may be interested in some of the classes I am involved with at the Pacific Energy Center.  In fact, you may find a lot of the other classes to be of interest too since the center is dedicated to education about resource and energy conservation in the built environment.  Virtually all of the classes there are offered at no cost, and you can take many of them as a webinar and even get some continuing education credits in some instances.

To find out about all of the offerings, which are quite extensive and cover a broad range of topics, you simply go to the Pacific Energy Center web site and then to the page for classes and seminars, which should like this. 


From there you use the drop down menus to focus your search.  If you are interested in the webinars, then select “Internet” as the location under item 3.

Once you submit the form,  you will be provided with a list of classes that match your criteria. Links from there will take you to detailed descriptions of the course and the registration links.

Typically, the PEC publishes the spring semester calendar in early January and the fall semester calendar in late August.  Once its published, you will be able to see all of the upcoming classes.  But you can not actually register for them until a couple of weeks before the class.  So if you see something of interest but can’t register, you may want to put a reminder in your Outlook to go back to register closer to the class date.

Technically, you have to be a rate payer in California to gain admission to the classes, especially if you attend in person.  But so far, the PEC has been very generous in how they interpret that, especially if the class is not full and especially for webinars.

In terms of classes that Ryan and I are doing that are technical and focused on retrocommissioning, here is what’s on the agenda through the end of the year.

System Diagram Workshop:  Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – there will be some lab activities later in the day but some of that can actually be done over the web as well as by the in person attendees.

Control Systems;  Design, Performance, and Commissioning Issues : Tuesday, October 8, 2013 – This class becomes a hands on lab for the people who attend in person after about 1:00 Pacific time, but will be a webinar up until that time.

Fans, Ducts and Air Handling Systems;  Design, Performance, and Commissioning Issues:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013 – This is a full day class both for in person attendees and as a webinar

Variable Speed Drives;  Design, Performance, and Commissioning Issues: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 – This is a full day class both for in person attendees and as a webinar.

We will be continuing the “Design, Performance, and Commissioning Issues” series in the spring and anticipate that the offerings will include Economizers, VAV Systems, Chilled and Condenser Water Systems, and Hot Water and Steam systems. 

Generally we try to rotate through all of the classes in this series once a year because they support the year long Existing Building Commissioning Workshop that we do there.  You can get a feel for  the classes by looking at the content from past versions via topic 03 – Materials from Classes and Presentations on the sidebar of the blog home page.


David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

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