The AMCA ASET-US Conference and Mentoring

Earlier this year, I was asked to be the plenary speaker at the upcoming AMCA ASET Conference in San Antonio, Texas. As many of you probably know, AMCA is the Air Movement and Control Association International and their mission is to advance the health, growth and integrity of the air movement and control industry. That means they are very involved on a global scale with manufacturers of air system components; things like fans and ducts and louvers and dampers to name a few. So, being provided with the opportunity to attend one of their technical conferences was exciting to me and my only regret in accepting was that I could only stay for one day, having already agreed to teach several classes at my monthly gig at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco.

As you can see from the header image, the conference is rapidly approaching. But in talking with Michael Ivanovich1 earlier this week about my presentation, I found out that there still are slots open in the conference. In fact, Michael give me a discount code to share with you that will give you $50 off the registration fee if you are a non-AMCA member, taking it $450 down to $400.


The conference features two different tracks, Air-Systems Design and Air Products & Technologies. You can get a sense of that by visiting the conference web page or downloading the conference brochure. In my perspective, both tracks have interesting topics and great speakers and I will have a tough time choosing where to go for the time I am there. So, if you decide to attend, I don’t think you’ll have a problem keeping yourself busy.

And of course, attending a conference like this puts you in a great position to share what you learn by being a mentor to to the folks back at your home base. Mentoring is extremely important in terms of making the industry and the world a better place and is a major focus of my plenary talk.

For me personally, most if not all of any success I have achieved can be attributed to some very wonderful mentoring experiences like the one I wrote about previously in one of my blog posts. Working on my presentation for this conference has caused me to recall many, many, many of my mentors and experiences and as a result, I plan to start a series of blog posts dedicated to each of them. So stay tuned.

But bottom line on this post, if you work with air handling systems at a technical level as designer, installer, commissioning provider or in operations, this will be a great opportunity to learn a lot from some really knowledgeable people in the industry and earn up to seven Professional Development Hours (PDHs), something most registered professionals need to do to maintain the currency of their license. And like I indicated above, there are still slots open at the conference, rooms available at the hotel, and reasonable airfares available.

Hoping to see you there.

David Sellers, P.E., Senior Engineer

Facility Dynamics Engineering

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  1. Michael is a good friend but also happens to be the Senior Director of Industrial Relations for AMCA and the guy who got me started doing this blog and has mentored me through-out my writing career.
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