Universal Translator Workshop

Sorry to disappoint Star Trek fans, but this is not a workshop about a device used to decipher and interpret alien languages into the native language of the user.  Having said that, if you are into building systems commissioning and the related field work, then you may find this is even more exciting (in a nerdy sort of way).

Specifically, this post is a “heads-up” to let you know that a no-cost training that is focused on using the Pacific Energy Center’s Universal Translator tool will be offered on November 13, 2018;  you can attend in person or via the internet.

UT3-2018-flyer croppedThe reason this is exciting news is that the Universal Translator is an ever evolving, feature rich tool that supports trend analysis and diagnostics of building system data retrieved from DDC control systems, energy management systems, and data loggers.  The image to the left illustrates some of its capabilities including:

  • Combining multiple data sets, resampling them, and capturing useful information like the maximum and minimum temperature for an interval (top chart),
  • Regressions, a form of scatter plots that present your data in a way that lets you look for tell-tale shapes in your data clouds (second from top),
  • Concurrently compare data series from multiple similar systems over the same time frame (second chart from the bottom), and
  • Colorful carpet plots that allow you to contrast multiple variables in a three dimensional visualization (bottom chart)

to name just a few of the features illustrated in the current brochure.  You can download the current brochure from the Universal Translator page on our Commissioning Resources web site, where you will also find links to the website that will allow you to access a no-cost copy of the tool and the YouTube video channel that has been created to support it.

So bottom line, in my opinion, it will be well worth your time to visit the UT Online website and obtain your own personal copy of the tool.  And you may want to consider attending at least a portion of the upcoming class, either in person or via the internet.  I have a few other commitments that day but in-between things, I plan to join the internet session and brush up on my UT skills.  So hopefully, I will “see” you then.


David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

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