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Condenser Water Systems, Air Entrainment, and Pump Cavitation

This post is the result of a discussion I was having as the result of a comment made on a previous post about commissioning a condenser water system.  The initial question was to ask if the solution I had suggested … Continue reading

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Control System Fundamentals

This post evolved to support a string of posts I will start next to support an exercise in one of the classes I am involved with at the Pacific Energy Center.  In those posts, we will look at how you … Continue reading

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Retrocommissioning Findings: Reducing Boiler Purge Cycle Losses

Greetings after another break in the action in terms of my posting rate.  As those of you who follow this blog know, sometimes, I get pretty busy and since writing this is not exactly my “day job’, my posting rate … Continue reading

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Projecting Building Maintenance Costs–An Update

A while back, I did a blog post about using data that ASHRAE published to project building maintenance costs. Its turned into one of my more popular posts with about 8-10 views a day on average.  I think that is … Continue reading

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Adjusting Maintenance Costs for Inflation

Time passes, seemingly more quickly as one ages, and one suddenly realizes that the cost numbers from a “recent” project that you have been using so freely are actually a couple of years old. In the ideal world, what one … Continue reading

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Murph on Maintenance; The Voice of Experience Chimes in on Building Systems Maintenance Costs

Catchy title, don’t you think; perhaps another blog stream at some point Michael? Statistical data bases, like the ones for building system maintenance cost that I discussed in my last post, are all well and good. But there is nothing … Continue reading

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Recently, there were a number of e-mails back and forth between the folks I work with at FDE wondering how one might go about projecting maintenance costs for a facility. Since that question comes up every once-in-a-while in training classes, … Continue reading

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