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Howden North America’s Fan Engineering Handbook

Authors Note:  So, some good news on this.  For a while, some of the links below did not work and I could not get information back from Howden regarding how to get a copy of the handbook since my contacts … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Controls Resources

Author’s Note: I originally published this post on March 3, 2013.  At that time, all of the resources I mention below were loaded up in “the cloud” on a Google Drive.  Since that time, I have created the commissioning resources … Continue reading

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A Steam Heating Resources

I recently helped to present a class titled Steam and Hot Water Systems;  Design, Performance, and Commissioning Issues;  one in a series of classes I am involved with at the Pacific Energy Center.  Ryan and I have been trying to … Continue reading

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Site versus Source Energy

Author’s Note:  I originally posted this in September of 2007 and used a report I had found at that time to develop some of the source energy factors I used in my illustration.   Since then, I have found a number … Continue reading

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Condenser Water Systems, Air Entrainment, and Pump Cavitation

This post is the result of a discussion I was having as the result of a comment made on a previous post about commissioning a condenser water system.  The initial question was to ask if the solution I had suggested … Continue reading

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A New Commissioning Resource Website

For a while now, I have had this idea for a commissioning resource website floating around in the back of my head.  It seemed like there would be things that I could do with the way a website is organized … Continue reading

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Learning about Relay Logic; What’s a Relay?

Author’s Note:  I edited this to put in pictures with better contrast for the relay images further down the post and for some reason, instead of just replacing the original post, the system put it up as a new post.   … Continue reading

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