Key Retrocommissioning Skills – A Follow-up

Hi there;  I’m back after a fairly long break in posting.   Another busy time at work and in life and spare time was in short supply.  But, I have been working on a number of posts and a recent comment inspired me to get a few of them finished up and on the site.

The purpose of this particular post is to say that I just finished doing a class for the City of Palo Alto that was built around the ten key retrocommissioning skills I described and discussed in the previous post.  The class started out with an overview of why these skills might matter and then uses a case study format to illustrate each of the skills.

The slides are linked from the opening page  of my blog along with the slides from other classes under category 03 – Materials from Classes and Presentations.


I am also re-organizing my Resource list so that it is organized using the 10 Skills as categories.  This is taking longer than I had anticipated between shuffling everything around and adding a bunch of new stuff to the list.  But I hope to be done soon, maybe this week and will put up a short post letting you know the new version is available. 

Meanwhile, you can get to the current version via the link on the opening page under 01 – Commissioning Resources.



David Sellers
Senior Engineer – Facility Dynamics Engineering

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