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These posts follow various retrocommissioning findings from discovery through implementation, verification and persistence.

Cooling Tower Flow Distribution and Variable Flow in Condenser Water Systems

One of my current obsessions is how subtle details regarding how you pipe a cooling tower can make a huge difference in how the flow is distributed.  I’ve been interested in that for a long time actually as the result … Continue reading

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An Existing Building Commissioning Learning Opportunity

The picture above is a panorama I shot earlier this year in a recently renovated central chilled water plant serving a large high-rise office building in down town San Francisco. The people in the picture are students in the Existing … Continue reading

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The Persistence of the Benefits of Commissioning (Plus a Few Pictures of Legacy Instruments)

As you probably have noticed if you follow the blog, I love finding old instruments in my travels. I have even been lucky enough to save a few of them from the dumpster, like this resonant frequency-based tachometer …   … Continue reading

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Resources for the Resourceful – Utility Analysis Spreadsheet Tool

Authors Note: Since the point in time when I published this post, some of the links have expired. So, I have gone through it and renewed them and also made a few edits. Linking to the Weather Data Depot in … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Controls Resources

Author’s Note: I originally published this post on March 3, 2013.  At that time, all of the resources I mention below were loaded up in “the cloud” on a Google Drive.  Since that time, I have created the commissioning resources … Continue reading

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Condenser Water Systems, Air Entrainment, and Pump Cavitation

This post is the result of a discussion I was having as the result of a comment made on a previous post about commissioning a condenser water system.  The initial question was to ask if the solution I had suggested … Continue reading

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Retrocommissioning Findings: Reducing Boiler Purge Cycle Losses–How I Obtained My Results

This post expands on what I did in the final section of the last post to show how I arrived at the answers I arrived at. Before proceeding, I want to emphasize that what I am about to show is … Continue reading

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